Costly repairs, and high energy bills, can be avoided by properly maintaining your Heating and Air Conditioning Unit(s). To avoid any potential troubles, call Dave's Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule your maintenance appointment, before "Peak Season" hits. (Changing filter's, checking electrical, refrigerant, oiling motors, checking fan motors) Pre scheduling maintenance, will keep you cool all summer long, and warm in the winter months.

Service Repair:

Our knowledgeable service technician's are fully equipped to repair all your HVAC issues. We will provide you with fast, on time service. Your comfort is our priority! We will make sure your Heating and Air Conditioning system is operating at peak performance. We guarantee our parts and labor.

New Installation:

At Dave's Heating and Air Conditioning we offer you the highest quality, and most efficient running equipment available. We will work with you to provide the most accurate and efficient HVAC system for your comfort and needs. We have over 30 years of experience in quality installation, of central air conditioning, central heating, furnaces, duct systems, attic fans, and air purification systems, on residential and commercial property's.